Frequently Asked Questions:

The initial consultation is free and our fees are very competitive. We can arrange a flat fee or hourly rate, depending upon your preference and the complexity of the return. Tax Planning, business consulting, and tax resolution services are typically quoted on an hourly basis. We provide a discount for new clients and if you love our services we provide a referral credit if the person you refer becomes a client.

We typically start with a consultation to determine the scope of the project and the timeline for completion to set clear expectations. Once this is established, we provide a welcome kit, you download our app and provide your information and documents, and communicate as necessary to complete the project.

We’re licensed Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) who are held to the highest standards of professional conduct. This allows us to file returns on your behalf in any state. Each year we complete at least 40 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in order to stay current and serve every client to the best of our abilities. All our CPA’s have a master’s degree, some are Certified Management Accountants (CMA’s), and all have been background checked. Some have completed training at Stanford University in negotiations and the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), have decades of experience doing tax consulting, and have real world experience in various industries, such as: manufacturing, financial services, logistics, consulting, retail, public accounting, etc so we understand what drives your business and how we can add value.

Janssen & Associates started as a small tax practice back in the year 2000, shortly after the Y2K scare and we have been delighting individuals and business clients for over 20 years. We find the work we do to be extremely satisfying and love helping clients to save money on taxes and improve profitability.

We pride ourselves in being well versed in nearly every type of tax return, including: Personal, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Estate/Trust, Non-Profit, HOA’s, etc in many industries and are experts in Crypto/NFT tax compliance.

We recently completed a review of all 7 years of an Amazon retail client, restated their books, filed tax returns, and provided consulting and documentation to allow their bank to extend a new line of credit. The engagement took about 3 months but the client was ecstatic!

Always hire a CPA, they receive very specific training that can allow them to provide the best service, are held to the highest standards of ethics, and are among the most trusted professionals in any field of expertise. Also, hire someone who’s experienced dealing with situations similar to yours, who will make time to understand any of the challenges you might be facing and always select someone you feel comfortable asking any question without being condescending.

Ensure you are clear about exactly what you need so you can compare one firm to another and never base your decision on price alone. We will likely never be the cheapest but are absolutely confident what we offer is worth far more than we charge and work hard to ensure you’re happy with our services.